Who’s Afraid of Red Riding Hood ? In my revisionist works of Red Riding Hood , the real, the interpreted and the imagined find their way as mixed metaphors, re- examining this child’s tale of ever present male/ female tensions with a playful twist of angst and paradox. Red Riding Hood, since coming to life in the interpretation of Charles Perrault in 17th century France, is a universal image within a morality tale. The wolf is no less than an archetypal element laden with associations and imbued with analogous interpretations from all societies of high and low cultural histories - children stories to sacrificial votive of ancient times. Red Riding Hood and her antagonist are ripe with visual conundrums, innuendos and surreal counterpoints.
The prints are intaglio solar etches produced in small variable editions and given additions of chine colle and collage so that each print is significantly or subtly individualized, in the manner of a monoprint. The visual source of media images is often the film still , altered and manipulated to suggest another layer of tale and cultural myth. Within the oils, the use of the stencils and stencil like imagery , reveals other stories with alternate tensions. This imagery, as in the prints, is generally culled from existing vehicles of language: magazines, story books and the like. My works re-contextualize my pleasures of childhood play – paper dolls, books, games and puzzles The oils and prints are united as counterpoints to concept, appropriating the clarity of fiction as a reality check.